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The Funkyard Music Collective is a full service Managment,
Talent Buying and Booking, Production and Special Event
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Mark Lord


The drinks are starting to take hold...

Whadda you lookin' at?

8th Annual KROQ Halloween Ball

See No Evil...Yet

If this is evil... I'm goin' over to the Dark Side

And the Priest Exorcised the Demons...

DAMN it all to HELL you buzzkill!!

Part of the cast of the REAL Gilligan's Island

A Dead Kennedy, a hot chick and some dork who needs a bike helmet

Scary Alice and her Rabbit Friend

Kat from Funkyard
Lisa from Arrow 93.1 about to make an arrest
More fun-having guests




Truancy has it's perks...






Carrie and her pertner in crime for the night