Management Booking Special Events

The Funkyard Music Collective is a full service Managment,
Talent Buying and Booking, Production and Special Event
coordination company. Click above area of interest

Mark Lord


A Dame
from Al Capones's
past ...

8th Annual KROQ Halloween Ball

Leann and Kat from Funkyard along with KROQ's Queen Bee and the Vault 350's Marc

Carrie and
G n' R groupie with Axl Rose (KROQ's Publicity guru Mike)

KROQ's Kevin with some fans

Mark Lord with the egg-plant haired Band Bitch and friend

The Funkyard Crew for the night

Officer Naughty and her nights "bust"

More of Officer Naughty and her collar
Rats... I got busted
Carmen Miranda




Dude... Maybe watch what you eat






KROQ's Aissa deals with the crowd at the entrance