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Mark Lord


"One of these things, is not like the other..."

8th Annual KROQ Halloween Ball

Ok... I guess we know which one.

Thank goodness he's wearing panty hose... and thank heaven she's NOT!

The crowd gets ready for Marilyn Manson

He's on... but don't even look

Some of the nights decorations

Some of the nights decorations

KROQ's Stacy having a laugh

A costume contest Finalist
Even Snipers take a booze break
Can ya hear me now?




Cheech and Chong






Cindy from Funkyard with her Hunk













"Look at Choo now mank..."





The costume contest
Final Four






"... and the winner is..."

They split it 50-50






The winner of "COME TO THE SHOW IN A HEARSE" Contest gets ready to get back to the morgue