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The Funkyard Music Collective is a full service Management,
Talent Buying and Booking, Production and Special Event
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Mark Lord


The people begin to relax early

photos by Linda Levy and Ken Sadler

Considerably more lounge space available this year due the addtion of larger tents

The weather this year in 2005 was about as perfect as it could be


Tegan and Sara stop for a quick photo op

Another girl headed in to the Powder Room

Sonyh PlayStation again a solid attraction in the VIP area

Pretty Lights for Pretty Nights

Ane the end of night ever present back-flip with complete dismount.
Welcome to the Powder Room - complete with make-up mirrors, stylists and various sundries to make a girls Coachella experience a bit more comfy...
The Powder Room in full force as the sun begins to go down